Associate Priest: Rev'd Alison Mitchell

SSM at St Elisabeth's

Hi, I’m Rev Alison, the SSM at St Elisabeth’s

I was ordained Priest, in June 2017, and I completed my curacy at Incumbent level. I trained at All Saints, part time,  following three years training in mission and ministry. I did this as well as working full-time as an early year’s teacher. Teaching is what I have done all of my working life, it is a job I enjoyed very much, and a job which I feel benefits my ministry using a lot of the skills I acquired.

Children’s work and families will become a focus of my ministry.

I grew up in Gorton and moved across the border into Reddish 31 years ago. I think you could call me local with a good understanding of the area! I live with my husband Tony, who is also the Church warden here at St Elisabeth’s. I like to play the guitar, I enjoy going on holidays, especially to warm, sunny places by the sea.  I also love socialising, chatting and catching up with friends.

I am looking forward what lies ahead for me, as the next part of this journey, getting to know lots of new faces and continuing serving you in Reddish.

Contact Details

Email: rev.alison@saintelisabeths.org 

Phone: 07540 792409

Twitter: @revdalison


Reader: Mark Ratcliffe


I am Mark a Licensed Reader in the Church of England, I was first licensed in 1997. I have successfully passed the Hospital Chaplaincy course in September 1999 and served at Hillingdon Hospital in Hillingdon.
In 2005 the Archbishop of Canterbury selected me at Lambeth Palace for Student in Theology (STh) for his original research in Reader Ministry in WW1 and WW2. I have led and assisted Alpha and Confirmation classes. One of my passions is Police Chaplaincy of which I have vast experience and which I am exploring with Greater Manchester Police.


Authorised Lay Minister: Jonathan Tennet

Youth Work

Hi, I’m Jonathan Tennet and I am an Authorised Lay Minister at St Elisabeth’s Church, having trained in 2019 . My role is to develop the work of youth within the church.