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We seek to love and support parents and their children from their earliest days right through to adulthood.

For many people this begins with a special church service, known as a Baptism. These services are, of course, primarily acts of Christian worship. But they are also offer an opportunity for your family and friends to gather together and join you in celebrating the precious gift of your child.

There is no right or wrong age for a service of baptism, and we welcome children and people of any age to be baptised at St. Elisabeth’s.

Baptisms at St. Elisabeth’s typically take place on Sundays, after the main service.

We can seat up to 150 people, and are an accessible church with an access ramp and an induction hearing loop.

To arrange a baptism at St. Elisabeth’s please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to meet.


How many people can attend the baptism?

Government guidance has limited the numbers at life events services (such as baptisms) up to 30 people, where they are held outside of regular worship. If the baptism is held within a regular act of worship then the physical restrictions of the building need to be assessed for how many it can hold safely with physical distancing. 

The candidate, their parent(s), godparent(s) and the minister are all that are required to be present for baptism and parents might wish to keep to this number. If they wish to have other family members or friends present, it is important to talk with them about the overall restrictions on numbers.

FROM 21ST JUNE - we can have up to 60 people (including children).

Track and trace lists need to be provided.


These are some of our recent Baptisms

Isaac's Baptism on Easter Sunday

Baptised in April 2019

Isaac was baptised during the morning service on Easter Day. His older brother Miles read prayers for Isaac and his family.


Baptisms of Isabella and Eva

Baptised in June 2019

We were fortunate to have our twins baptised at St Elisabeth’s church on 16 June. Our godparents flew over from California for the occasion and we had the most incredible service with Revs Angie and Alison. It was a beautiful day and we can’t thank everyone involved enough.


11th July 2021

We baptised 4 children, Reece, Blake, 

Jacob, and  Lilyana. Plus 3 of their Godparents.

Baptism Party 2019

We held our annual Baptism Party, where families baptised this last year are invited to Church. We sang songs, we made Baptingles and the families were presented with their doves from the Baptism tree.

The parents described their experiences about having a Baptism at St Elisabeth's. They said that the church was accomodating, very inclusive, and that the building was lovely, beautiful and well kept. They told us the the service was nice, delightful and a special experience.
Thank you for joining us this afternoon and for your lovely comments.

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